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You are:

  • Successful and busy
  • In love with your business
  • Looking for a long-term relationship with an energetic but suspiciously reliable copywriter and blogger

I am:

  • Up to date & constantly being published on social media, copywriting, & business topics
  • Hot on Google Docs collaboration & exceeding deadlines
  • In possession of too many copies of Strunk & White’s grammar book

Digital marketers need a lot of words these days and they need to use the right ones more than ever. & that’s usually when my name pops up. I bring intimidating copywriting projects to life and write the posts your competitors linking to. And whether it’s a ghostwritten email that makes your CEO look sharp or a quick-tips helper that gives even you a few things to think about, I have the experience (and the connections) to crank it out. Slip me some paper & let’s talk custom content strategies.

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